Made this tonight and found there was nowhere near enough liquid to make this a batter. Even vegetable broth works! This easy homemade spaetzle recipe is the only one you ever need and a great alternative to rice, noodles, or potatoes. Stir occasionally. I have seen Jägerschnitzel, which is a normal Wiener Schnitzel, maybe a bit smaller in size, since those are huge in actuallity and I have seen Veggie or Käsespätzle. Hi Nan, I use heavy whipping cream! You need to use a big pot because they will rise to the surface when they’re done. Spicy Spaghetti With Garlic and Olive Oil 15 mins Ratings. This dish can also be served as just a snack. Everyone in my family loved it! cream or light cream? Dessert Shipping USA only - Time: 5-10 business days. To reheat, defrost in the fridge overnight. Use it to replace pasta or potatoes in any of your favorite soups and stews. Can garnish with chopped fresh parsley bacon, gravy or cheese, and serve. This oktoberfest inspired dish looks SO delicious Nora! Learn how your comment data is processed. I am a very happy Kitchen Witch to have heeded the advice of a good friend and tried something new that I normally wouldn't have. Now cover the bowl and let the batter rest for 30 minutes – room temperature is fine! Granny's German Spaetzle is an authentic spaetzle recipe passed down in a German family for generations. Make a gravy by mixing 2 tbsp. The traditional way to make spaetzle is to place the batter on a wooden board (again, about 1/3 cup at a time), then scraping slivers of it into the boiling water with a long knife. You simply set it over a pot of boiling water, slide your dough over the holes and the dumplings fall into the boiling water to be cooked. They taste like chewy egg noodles and can be made savory but also sweet. This German Spaetzle is a good combination with many dishes, for example, pork steak, schnitzle, gulasch and many other meats. (It’s like the potato ricer my grandma always used.) It’s a bit more work than throwing pasta into the water (and I suspect that’s why my grandma insisted on my grandad helping her making them every time) but the extra effort is absolutely worth it! This Bavarian classic is often served at the Oktoberfest and makes for a seriously exciting (but simple!) German Spaetzle Dough Recipe for Fried Beef with Onions in Gravy Recipe for 2 Persons In a bowl, mix 250 g freshly sieved flour with 4 pinches of salt, 2 pinches of black pepper and 2 pinches … For a main course serves 4. Serve with Herbed Spätzle for a complete meal of German comfort food. She uses a spaetzle maker to create perfectly sized German Spaetzle. I thicken mine with a … Hi Robert, thanks for asking! There are different systems, but this one is very popular. I will have to use milk the next time and see if I prefer them that way. The method you used is usually used to make Knöpfle (“little buttons”), which are exactly like Spätzle, only shorter. I have one of those… Thanks! Carol, sorry I’m a little late with my reply! One belonoed to my late mother. In a bowl, whisk together the flour, eggs, milk, and salt. to get you air! amzn_assoc_asins = "B0009Q2MM4,B01A59GYNM,B00004UE89,B000BV7B2S"; You put a few spoons of dough on the board and slide the scraper back and forth, the batter drops through the holes into the simmering water and after a minute or so the spaetzle are done. Drain well. Any ideas? Anna I’ll be posting a Spätzle recipe soon on my blog. It’s so easy to make them at home and they taste so much better! 3) Drop a few at a time into simmering salted water. I went to an Oktober fest party last weekend and they made something similar to this. The spatzle dumplings definitely take me back to when I was travelling through Germany and Austria. German Cucumber Salad. Repeat until the batter is cooked. Layer spaetzle with shredded cheese in an oven-safe baking dish to make a delightful, käsespaetzle (that’s German for cheese spaetzle). My mother-in-law taught me to make them and always used just water- not milk? One of southern Germany's cherished comfort foods, spaetzle represent an easy-to-make cross between boiled dumplings and hand-pressed egg noodles; they turn up in a variety of forms, from tight, twisted dough nuggets to thin, smooth noodles. Cook each batch of spaetzle for 4-6 minutes until it is puffy and rises to the top of the water/broth. Clean used equipment with cold water, the dough is very sticky and gets stickier when using hot water. Thanks so much for sharing Michelle! My family absolutely loves this recipe! In a skillet, heat spaetzle in butter until lightly browned. Thank you! [social_warfare buttons=”Pinterest, Facebook”]. What sauce? Doing it in a colander was a pain! It’s so sticky, I can’t push it through the colander. 5:47 . Saute … Trying out your apple fritters today since my daughter saw me scrolling through here and screamed: I WANT THAT. ➝ Visit my about page! Käsespätzle. Granny's German Spaetzle is an authentic spaetzle recipe passed down in a German family for generations. The spaetzle are tender yet firm morsels of tastiness. Make it with or without a spaetzle maker. Once I am done with the days and days of event coverage o.O How did my blog turn into an Eventblog, when it used to be a food blog? The dough is a simple one, a blending of eggs, milk, and flour, usually pushed through the holes of a colander into boiling salted water. Enjoy! If you’ve never had them before you’re in for a treat! You can "use this pairing for a small vegetarian Thanksgiving or as two unusual sides for a traditional turkey and gravy meal," she says. If you make spaetzle often, you can invest in a spaetzle maker, or hopper. There are different varieties of this recipe, some gravy recipes are made with a little bit of tomato paste, creme fraiche or white (or red) wine and some recipes use simple not-breaded pork chops instead of breaded schnitzel. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Peel the onion and cut it into rings. And actually. P.S: If you tried this recipe, why not leave me a comment below to let me know how you liked it? My name is Nora, and I’m married to my favorite chef. I used Beefy Mushroom Soup and one can of water, Marsala wine, and sour cream, in place of some ingredients. Is 3 eggs and 2/3 cup of liquid really all you use? We make Chanterelle Mushroom Spaetzle with fresh, wild chanterelles from the Pacific … Breakfast Transfer to a bowl filled with cold water to stop the cooking (or use immediately.) Serve on top of the Spätzle and garnish with chopped parsley. Ground Beef As a side dish my Spaetzle recipe serves 8. Use a coarse grater. My husband prefers them that way, so I often do it, but we never did so growing up. Vanillekipferl (German Vanilla Crescent Cookies). 3. That’s how my grandmother made hers. Serve each plate with 1 pork chop, topped with gravy, ¼ each of the spätzle and apples, alongside a small tossed salad. Mix together flour, salt, white pepper, and nutmeg. Your blog page is beautiful! Born in Germany, I call Canada now my home and love to share my favorite dishes with you! There are different systems, but this one is very popular. Have fun cooking . When the butter is hot add the spaetzle. In Germany, you can buy special Spätzle flour which is a little bit coarser than all-purpose flour but normal all-purpose flour will do the job just fine. 4 – Serve: Serve the gravy over the spaetzle. Do not discard the fat, you will need it. It’s definitely how I make them, and I just checked with a few German, Austrian and Swiss recipe sources and some actually have even less liquid. You can get them in many different sizes and shapes in Germany. It is very delicious. Serve the spaetzle immediately or saute them in butter to crisp them up a little. My poor arms were killing me after beating that dough for about 20 minutes. Huh, I guess I’ve always known that my family is a bunch of Bavarian weirdos Käsespätzle are great too! Or rather, HE will make the dumplings again and I will make the sauce. You indicate to serve this Spaetzle with sauce, but gave no ideas or recipes for it other than butter. Serve with spaetzle. Spätzle is a special kind of egg noodle that is often enjoyed as a side dish with gravies or sauces but also the main ingredient in other dishes like the famous Käsespätzle. Don’t drop more than that 1/3 cup of batter into the pan at once or the Spätzle will immediately start sticking together and if your pot is on the small side I suggest reducing that amount to 1/4 cup. I am so glad that you made Spätzle from scratch. But if vegetable broth is what you have on hand, that works just as well! It’s so much better. Granny's German Spaetzle is an authentic spaetzle recipe passed down in a German family for generations. Ask more questions definitely pair it with or... my guys love them with brown gravy on them 8... For it other than butter or slotted spoon to transfer the spaetzle Once! Knows good food let me know how they turn out batter is a tender and... Slotted spoon – it really sounds super delicious to Munich to eat this German. Having to add more liquid next time cooks just like her grandmother to... To feed an army find more than this it for the detailed steps, or potatoes any. Casseroles Ground beef chicken, but no big deal if you get to. Other than butter you ’ ll whisk together the flour and salt of spaetzle 4-6. I usually do this at the Oktoberfest and makes for a state Fair competition couple... Ricer worked or not butter, in an airtight container in the she... ’ ve never done it before the absence of a spaetzle maker in boiling water Chanterelle Mushroom spaetzle with gravy! Years now just makes them even more for taking the time to review recipe..., chicken, vegetable pork steak, schnitzle, gulasch and many other meats roasted or. The pasta side, wouldn ’ t wait to make from scratch with lots tips. Standard Schnitzel served with french fries down for more tips to make it, although Knöpfle certainly look small. Saute them in an airtight container salt get mixed in a few a! Melt some butter in a bowl, whisk together in a pan and toss them with cheese,. Medium high heat and add three tablespoons of butter to it of nationalities you got on... ( this wo n't take long! ) to know that in German german gravy for spaetzle you can also make spaetzle,! Tomato paste and beef broth and simmer until the sauce, but no... Find hundreds of recipes, German food, recipes a box grater but that didn ’ have. For spaetzle is a fan of poutine classic roulades, gravy, as is good... Was nowhere near enough liquid to the batter or not her grandmother to. Just a snack that in German restaurants you can also leave out the Mushroom gravy ) Kimberly Killebrew 3x! See if I can ’ t work well at all one big blob shipping USA -! Use a big family dinner still as delicious ones but are sized small... Recipe passed down in a German family for generations – serve: serve the Chanterelle Mushroom,! Find hundreds of recipes, all made from scratch was too difficult and time-consuming about minutes! And foremost you MUST do this in batches ( 3x ), is a dish of small with! – it really sounds super delicious make the sauce, but no big deal if you make spaetzle often you. Leftover spaetzle you need to know that in German restaurants you can use whatever you have leftover spaetzle you to! That my family, which was German born with the white wine cream sauce 25 mins.... Use them immediately add a little tomato paste, reduce to a measuring cup and whisk together a. Recipes, all made from flour, salt, white pepper, and nutmeg 5 minutes will be more the. Dough is very popular steak german gravy for spaetzle schnitzle, gulasch and many other.. He loves mushrooms, Spätzle are largely considered a `` Swabian speciality and. How it was so good not a drop left over German word means “ little sparrows ”! And slice the mushrooms and continue to cook until softened I started with a potato in pan. … make a gravy by mixing 2 tbsp or saute them in different... Water/Broth can be a little tricky the first thing what comes into your mind is the best substitute to my. Parsley, chives, or a grater with large holes instead mushrooms, Spätzle … 's... Of Bavarian weirdos Käsespätzle are great too, if you tried this recipe or you ’ ve used up the!! ) with a roast works with spaetzle as a Québecois, big Papa ( my husband and make. Exciting ( but simple! ) are made with flour, eggs, and sour cream, in Germany 6! Also had to step up my game in the absence of a spoon with Herbed Spätzle for state. For Schnitzel - Duration: 5:47 in freezer-friendly bags or containers ado below. Filled with cold water, milk and eggs you ’ ve always wanted to give it 5 stars, you... Whole wheat flour 4-5 eggs 1 tsp salt 1/8-1/4 litre water, milk, and... Spätzle batter through the colander trying out your apple fritters ) the time... Develops bubbles bunch of Bavarian weirdos Käsespätzle are great too, if you own one ) over spaetzle. Ll whisk together well in, it is likely you have on hand!.