Between frequently changing laws, expansion of healthcare access and growing patient demands, hospitals need access to more financial resources to keep up. Devaluation has often been necessary to support these objectives and to realign exchange, rates which have become increasingly unrealistic, rates. investment, cost of management, cost of treatment, reputation benefit for the provider(s), and the gained health benefit for the patient. Some of the key issues highlighted were: Limited access to health care facilities, lack of adequate personnel and expertise to address the medical needs, poor Infrastructure where most facilities do not have the proper facilities to handle the medical challenges, ironically the facilities that are highly equipped with specialized equipment do not have effective processes and personnel in place to … Regina Herzlinger and Richard Boxer, MD, FACS, who identify themselves respectively as being “left and right of center,” hold out hope for bipartisan policy solutions to the challenges facing the nation’s healthcare system. The months-long process for clinician credentialing commands significant time and costs.