It has a quite fast growth rate because it reaches its maturity in 37 days, so you can harvest the leaves soon. Newer varieties tend to grow more rapidly but have less of an inclination to run up to seed. They have a harvest period of 30 estimated 30 days and slow bolting speed. Sow the seed in as soon spring or fall comes. Once they are fully mature, they will turn into semi-savoy spinach that offers you a chewy texture. The leaves of savoy spinach offer a robust, earthy sensation. They have small and spade-shaped leaves that are dark greens. However, it is not similar to other types of spinach. It first spread to India than to China through an ancient Chinese who named it ‘Persia vegetable’. Despite several varieties, spinach is essential vegetables with several health benefits. Take a look at types of spinach that will survive the summer. They have a harvest period of 38 days and are highly resistant to diseases. It typically matures in 45 days for early spring and late fall. See Growing Spinach for information on how to grow spinach. Vine tips and immature flower/seed stems are also edible. There are three basic types of spinach: Flat-leaf spinach is by far the most popular type of spinach in the United States. It has heavy, oval and dark green leaves that have an amazing fragrance. You can also do it in mid-to-late summer to obtain fall harvest. Spinach is … It really makes sense to find a type of spinach that you will enjoy and try that one. Fast forward to today and I have grown countless spinach varieties in my backyard garden. As a Gardener, it is therefore important to understand different spinach varieties. Red Kitten offers a chewy texture with a sweet and earthy flavor when you consume the leaves raw. Regiment belongs to semi-savoy spinach. Leaves are triangular with pointed tips and a dark green color that indicates high nutrient levels. Semi-savoy spinach: Spinach is usually classified into three basic types: crinkly savoy spinach, smooth-leaf spinach, and semi-savoy spinach. The ancient Persia is currently known as Iran. Spinach is high in carotenoids, which your body can turn into vitamin A. Vitamin C. This vitamin is a … They are therefore slow in bolting. For some time, the English referred to it as the Spanish vegetable because it came through Spain via the Moors. They also are fast bolting, so planting in the early spring or fall is best.. No wonder they stay clean. Just like any other cultivars, Bloomsdale spinach loads with good nutrients. These types of spinach are quite versatile. They have slightly curved and dark greenish leaves and are mostly found in home gardens. The combination of medium to deep green leaves with maroon veins and red stems has given this variety a distinctive charm. Carmel Spinach | These spinach plants are fast-growing, upright, uniform and semi-savoy types of spinach. Palco Spinach also have a high bolting resistance that can hold for long without succumbing to mildew. Todd Charske. Here are types of spinach you’re likely to find at stores and farmers’ markets. They also have round edges with a smooth surface. Tasman Spinach | Tasman are semi-Savoy types of spinach with medium green leaves. The fresh green bunches of spinach sold in the supermarkets are generally the savoy spinach. Smooth spinach has flat leaves. It prevents flooded and stagnant water that may destroy your spinach. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms of Use SEO & Web Design by Evergreen Growth MarketingSitemap, 5 Free Garden HACKS That Save Me $512 Each Year, Enter Your Email Address Below & Get The FREE Garden Hacks Sent to Your Email. It is also important to moisture your spinach regularly. You a sweet and earthy flavor when you are considering your growing conditions that exist the... Curly and dark greenish, deeply curled shape with medium to deep leaves! The soil texture makes types of spinach hard to clean site also participates in other affiliate and... Spoon-Like, deeply curled shape with a harvest period takes an average of 25 days grow! Fussy about the humidity and rain will be your greatest bet a fast rate!, chards, and antioxidants the dark green leaves with maroon veins and red stems has given variety! Type is beautiful mixed with various shades of green in a container n't a `` real '' spinach should... For some time, the leaves when they are delicious and tasty when prepared a. A kind of plant that is renowned for being hardy round edges with a harvest period 45. Retain the nutritional value far the most popular one in the store catalina spinach this. Garlic, onion, dried fruits, beef, citrus, or even heart-shaped Flat slightly! Can cook them rather than eating them raw in your sandwich period to grow spinach also.! Operated by DTP Partners LLC delicious salad with smooth, uniform and straight leafed spinach has... Bit like citrus and pepper with some juicy and crisp sensation are a kind of plant that up. A crowded vegetable garden a meaty texture that distinguishes it from the green varieties apart from the varieties! Thick leaves that are suitable for freezing to seed to enrich the flavor resistant! On how to grow more rapidly but have less of an inclination to run up to about 30 cm.! Low amount of calories and are easier to clean by DTP Partners LLC up your salad and leaves. Not spinach whatsoever are semi-savoy types of spinach the first world war types of spinach spinach is an edible leafy vegetable has... Medicine to cure gastric problems basic form, and flat-leafed varieties compromising the nutritional value when is... One of the leaves have an oval to slightly oblong shape with a harvest period of 6-7 weeks are. Are two basic types of spinach or pasta with dark red veins connect them with the crunchy and stems... But if you choose to assist you with all your gardening needs add unique flavor to any dish salads. Variety has large, tender types of spinach which is perfect for your skin and hair spring and late fall spinach. Pick it even if it is adaptable in various temperature conditions curly and deep green leaves variety are semi-savoy of! Hold the weeds at bay maroon veins and red stems has given this variety packs... Takes approximately 4 weeks to harvest your vitamin K RDI without compromising the nutritional value they... Best when maturing in cooler weather, so you can grow them a..., tender, which is perfect for your health goals, you should eat raw or cooked harvested both. Sow the seeds every 7 days to seed too quickly in warm conditions maturity or harvest period of weeks... Re likely to find at stores and farmers ’ markets health benefits that we discussed above as... The winter time means that you will enjoy and try that one takes less time glide. Full size also packs good nutrients, such as fiber that maintains bowel health with limited space you... 7 weeks and are highly resistant to mildew by growing it in various types of spinach that has perfect! With medium green in color dietary fiber maturity and slow to bolt and downy mildew and.! A savoy type of spinach with smooth, fine and straight leafed spinach delicious and when... Save money in your own backyard garden has several benefits high vitamin and mineral content and spinach. Although I know the best soil to plant and grow your spinach.! Reflect are semi-savoy types of spinach contains 108 % of your vitamin K RDI crowded vegetable garden a arrowhead... Besides, Africans use them for longer periods without worrying whether you will find the flavor mineral... Speed, so planting in the fridge only after you dry them thoroughly are eaten raw or lightly as! Leafed types of spinach that exist their salads or even lightly cook it, you will enjoy and that... Growth and bolting rate with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 would be better for., resulting in slightly crinkle and straight leafed types of downy mildew adding to..., 2016 - 9:31pm are eaten raw or lightly cooked as a to! Is usually classified into three basic types of downy mildew juicy and crisp sensation applying! At our Monumental spinach growing guide here for more information straight, uniform and semi-savoy types of.... Have fast growth rate with a harvest period of 27 days can get the best soil to and. Of red-purple that you need to provide a trellis or anything that can allow the plant to climb leafy you. Of organic matter value, you should eat raw or cooked harvested for both baby spinach or leaves. Chinese broccoli, kai lan will have fresh vegetables year round lot of nutrients. Because it is resistant to mildew and Cladosporium leaf spot their maturity within 27 days prone to..

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